Yoga And Exercise For Healthy Lifestyle

 Living a healthy lifestyle these days is everyone’s forte. We all try to move towards a healthy lifestyle but due to lack of time and lack of right knowledge we are usually not able to do that. Well, if this is the case same with you, then you don’t have to worry anymore about it. As in this post, we are going to share the best yoga poses and exercises that you can easily add to your daily lifestyle. Spending daily around 30 minutes for your health is the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy.

So, let’s move ahead and discover the best yoga poses and exercises which are beneficial to all body types. Make sure to stay with us till the end of the post. As in the pst is divided into two parts where will discuss first yoga and then exercises.


If you are feeling stressed, cranky or depressed. Yoga is the best way to rejuvenate your mood. hence, mentioned below are the best yoga poses that will keep your body fit and keep you active throughout the day.

  1. TADASANA- Starting with the first most effective yoga poses is tadasana. This is the most simple form of yoga posture. You might even think that what will be the possible benefits of the normal standing pose. Well, it is always the bad idea to underestimate the power it. This posture helps in improving your entire body posture and increases the balance potential in your body.
  2. VAJRA ASANA- This is the great yoga asana seated pose for a better digestion process. Apart from that, it has many health benefits. Like it makes your knees stronger and helps in increasing the flexibility of your ankle joints too.
  3. SETU BANDHASANA-Well, your lower body is also essential to provide a better frame of your body. This pose will help you in relieving your spinal pains and other types of stiffness in your lower body. This pose also helps you in elongating your spinal cord and makes you look taller.
  4. TRIKOASANA- This yoga asana is also known as triangle pose. This helps in targeting all the muscles and joints of your body. It is recommended to perform in the morning for better results. This pose stretches your entire body and makes it flexible. Make sure to avoid the pose if you are suffering from chronic injuries.
  5. KAPAL BHATI- This is a popular yoga activity which is also called pranayama. With this exercise, you oxygenate your entire body by relieving out all the stale oxygen. It helps in energizing your mind and pump you up with immense energy for the entire day. It also helps in relieving yourself from all the mental stress by making your mind calm.


Here are the best exercises and the most fun ways to add some fun activities to your daily lifestyle. This will help you in maintaining your weight and as well as will keep your body fit as well.

  1. SWIMMING- If you are a water baby then this I the best form of exercise for you. This helps in losing great pounds of weight by making your body a lot flexible. Swimming can also help in increasing your height as well. Research has also proved that it helps in bringing a positive impact on your mental health.
  2. WALKING- Some people do not like complex forms of exercise. Well, walking is the best option for you. This helps in increasing the amount of physical activity in your daily life. Daily 30 minutes of brisk walking also helps in controlling cholesterol. It also helps in excellently toning your legs.
  3. ZUMBA- Zumba is a great form of exercise to include at any time of your day. This is the most fun form of exercise. As you can dance and get away with all your stress and extra weight that has been accumulated on your body at the same time. High-intensity Zumba of around 30 minutes will help you in losing around 300-400 calories at once! Isn’t that great way to stay fit?
  4. STRENGTH TRAINING– if you are willing to maintain your weight and good body shape then strength training is the perfect exercise type for you. Strength training allows you to use your muscles which helps you in burning a great number of calories. Strength training also helps in making your muscles stronger.
  5. KEGEL EXERCISES- the kegel exercise are not usually performed to lose some weight or get the perfect body shape. Rather, these exercises are performed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. You can also have a better bladder control system with regular execution of kegel exercises.

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