What is best rice to consume in diabetes

best rice for diabetes

Nowadays, it is very common to get affected by any common diseases. Diabetes is one of the very common diseases that can easily catch you. Diabetes is directly related to metabolism. There is a hormone caked insulin. This hormone is responsible for moving the blood into our cells to store and produce energy. There are mainly two symptoms of diabetes, either the body is unable to make enough insulin to work with sugar, or the insulin is made in the body is unable to perform its functions.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, the first question that comes into your mind is about the food. The doctor has also told you to avoid rice, potato, and sweets. Unfortunately, there are no more options available for the potato and sweets, but I have a great option for rice.

Avoiding rice is not a simple task. Who loves to eat the rice. For those persons, a special type of rice is available in markets with a low GI. The GI means glycaemic index. This is the parameter for all kinds of rice used in daily life. The lowest GI ratio means the food will be able to release the energy slowly and help to maintain the stability of sugar level.

How does GI affect diabetes?

The GI means the glycaemic index. This is the measurement of the food that affects the blood sugar level. High GI means that this food is highly effective on blood sugar levels, and low GI food has a low effect on blood sugar levels. Here are the categories for the GI food

  • High that means the GI will be 70 and above 70,
  • The medium that means GI will be lower than 70 but higher than 56
  • And finally, the low means the GI will be less than 56.

The low GI rice is considered the best rice for diabetes patients. Because the low GI rice for diabetics breaks down the carbohydrates very slowly compared to the normal rice, this causes stability in blood glucose and sugar levels. You can easily check the effect after 2 or 3 hours after consuming low GI Rice.

Benefits of low GI rice-

There are a lot of benefits to using the low GI rice here; I discuss the major benefits like

  • Effect on cholesterol level:

A lot of research has been made to find the effect of low GI rice for diabetics on cholesterol levels, and it has been found that low GI rice can decrease the cholesterol level by 9.6 %. The LDL is mainly termed a bad cholesterol level of 8.6%. The LDL cholesterol is mainly associated with heart attack, and reducing this LDL can prevent heart attack.

  • Weight loss:

There is no perfect evidence to show long-term weight loss by using low GI rice for diabetics, but according to many reviews, low GI rice can reduce weight. In addition, some evidence shows that low GI rice can affect fat loss.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer:

Some research proved that people who consume high GI food have more chances of getting affected by cancer than those who consume low GI foods.

  • Reduce the risk of heart diseases:

There is a lot of news available in which the high GI level food is the main cause of the heart diseases.

  • Effective in diabetes:

Low GI rice is the best rice for diabetic patients because of its effect on blood sugar levels.

Increase energy and endurance

Using the low GI rice as a primary carbohydrate source gives quick energy and also maintains weight and carbohydrate levels.

Boost immune system

According to some research articles, low GI food is able to maintain the immune system.

Where to buy it?

There are a lot of companies that provide the best rice for diabetics. Some of them are true, but the majority of them are fake. To save yourself from such types of fraud, I am suggesting one of the best ideas, You can buy diabetic rice online.

Apart from this, all the best companies have a wide collection of products. It gives you the freedom to buy the best rice for diabetics according to your needs. Many companies have fixed two or three weights, but some companies also have a lot of variation in the weight like you can buy a minimum of one kg to a maximum of 20 kg.


Low GI rice is the perfect diet for diabetic patients because it has all the features that help you to maintain your health. In this article, I give all the needful information about the low GI rice.

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