What Are the Well-Being Benefits of Online Poker?

When it comes to playing online poker, health is probably not the first thing that springs to mind.

We’ve got plenty of articles on ways to improve your health and the benefits of different treatments and pastimes, but so far, none of them discusses online poker. After all, it’s a game played in a seated position, hunched over a screen and usually for hours at a time. It doesn’t sound like it is good for you, not one bit.

While there are elements of online poker that you need to address, such as remaining sedentary for long periods, it can greatly benefit your mindfulness and well-being. It’s a good thing there are benefits too, as it is on the rise worldwide. It is estimated more than 40 million people play online poker, around 7% of the world’s population. Some play in tournaments for real money, others just on social apps with friends. All are getting some well-being benefits from the experience.

What are those benefits? How can you justify taking up a game that doesn’t have a great reputation in some quarters? Here are some solid reasons for you to go all-in on online poker.


The health benefits we’re talking about are very much about personal development and well-being, and one aspect that is definitely improved by playing online poker is memory. In the first instance, there are many things to learn; there are many different poker hand rankings and plenty of variants to pick up. Once you’re into a game, you need to remember each opponent’s traits and tactics and how they approach their game. Whilst you may be seated during your online poker session, your mind is constantly active, and memory is one aspect you’ll be drawing upon.

Problem Solving

Your problem-solving skills will definitely be tested, and together with memory, this is of serious benefit to cognitive function. Poker throws all sorts at you, and you’ll be testing your maths skills in the first instance. Calculating poker odds and pots is one great skill around the table, and whilst online providers will keep track of the pot, you’ll still need to understand your chances of winning. The real test comes when the cards don’t go your way, and you have to change approach quickly. Problems will pop up, unforeseen developments will cloud the game, and you’ll learn to react quickly under pressure. That’s great for your well-being, as it is a skill you can use in real life.

Social Interaction

Finally, online poker delivers social interaction, which might be useful to someone who struggles to get out. If you live in a remote area, have few friends or have been confined to your home during the pandemic, online poker is there to help. You often have chat functions around a table, especially on free-to-play apps such as Zynga Poker, which brings people to you. Life can be lonely, especially in the modern world, filled with technology and lacking in social interaction. People need people, and online poker gives you a chance to hang out with like-minded people, wherever you are.

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