The Himalayas are an inexhaustible source of natural beauty Part II

The clear blue sky was not visible in the morning so the famous snow peaks remained unseen. After getting ready in time, we rolled up our sleeves and started walking downhill for a while. After that we went to the side of the ‘Dom-Bit Donkeys’ canal and had a snack break. It was very quiet, soft, small river bed. Maggie-omelette breakfast today no rest! Break straight up and walk towards the pass, six-and-a-half km steep along the nose of the pass, calling to his feet, just a thousand feet below my dream quarry pass (12,400 feet). From Dakwani, about eleven and a half thousand feet high, the pass looks a lot like the English V shape. I lay my tired body in the groove of the stone, but the visitors left their luggage and pitched a tent, grabbed a mug of hot soup in everyone’s hand and started arranging heavy meals twice and we just saw them. They are under a lot of pressure today and have some work to do tomorrow.

I want to, because I have to leave tomorrow morning! Last afternoon, after eating khichuri and pamparbhaja, someone went to sleep, but I looked at ঐ V like a hanger! The sky was very cloudy, so looking east, I could not see the red glow of the last afternoon on the heads of Changbang (22,520 ft.), Kalunk (22,640 ft.), Dunagiri (23, 163 ft.).

Let’s be gay, don’t be discouraged, the Himalayas of love don’t disappoint anyone, at some point or another he will just fill you up. I entered the sleeping bag shivering in the cold in the evening. On the Ashtami festival of Durgapuja, a little boy wants to come to this cold damp hill, forest for fun! So he sat down to play ludo in the light of torch to make his mind better. Half an hour later, the leader shouted outside, ‘None of them have any sense? Hey, we have to get up tomorrow morning and run upstairs and they haven’t finished their dinner yet? I say, will you get up in the morning? Or fall asleep here! ‘ I have to rush to fetch food. Truly, this sweet rule of the elders brings tears to the eyes along with the immaculate beauty of walking in the mountains. As if we are all little children, going out on an educational trip to school, holding Mastermashay’s hand tightly!

Slightly cloudy after a sleepless night in the throes of torrential rain from midnight but in the morning of joy everyone is very fast ready-steady-goooo …
At seven o’clock in the morning, it was so cold in Kankan that I could not walk one km after all the clutter, so it can be said that I was breaking a big stone staircase straight upwards. Straight up the V in front, I saw many big stones on both sides, breaking somewhere, the stream of water was going down here and there.

Exhaling a little on the way, Lebenchus dropped to his cheeks and fell on the head of ঐ V … *** Quarry mountain (12,400 ft.) ***
It’s a joy to get up! Tears! Rows of worship with Cadbury, visitors burn incense, all bow to God, I have come up on one of your shoulders with your weight on your body!
** 🙏🌸🙏Blessed! Blessed am I, O Nagadhiraj !! 🙏🌸🙏 **
I looked around a little accustomed, a little cloudy sky flickering around, as much as I wanted to see at this time, the wish was not fulfilled. I think you have come to the Himalayas, found-not found, hope-despair will continue, why should it be so tired? Will be again next year! From the southeast to the east of the pass, to the northeast and further north, on a bright day, the snow-capped peaks matched themselves, but they remained somewhat veiled as they were that day.

Although I am a little sad, I am not ungrateful because many times the Himalayas have filled our hands, we have drunk the sweetness with our eyes full! Today I got a little less, what is this or evil! He also raised his head in front of Dunagiri or Dronagiri (Hey Enr is carrying the sage Ganga under the ice kingdom, the stream of Nanda Devi’s icy water which has merged with Alaknanda) appeared. And the possibility of meeting Nanda Devi tomorrow. In this way, after resting here in the shade of the sun for an hour and a half, I tremble in the winter air, get up after eating bread and eggs. Let’s go down and up and down on the way to Gayargarh. Goodbye Quarry Pass, and be able to come again.

I crossed the path of my friend with the feeling of not seeing. Let’s look around. Shortly after this, long before Chitrakanta, on the way to Tapoban on the right side of the hills, the path has gone to the bank of Dhauliganga. In a small green bugial geargarh, past the small huts of sheep and goat herders, the road is divided into two parts – the path to Tapoban in the east and the descent to Chitrakanta in the southwest. Bella leads, fatigue comes. After walking three and a half to four kilometers, I reached the soft field of ice-free Chitrakanta and rested my legs for a while. And I want to look at his face in the hope of a little rest, a lot of work from the morning! Let’s face it, I don’t mind anyone. Climb up again with the comfort of the grass bed of the hill for half an hour, walk to the paved two km hill path and reach Tali. But there is a little bit of a distraction here with my son.

He used to walk on the mountain road for a few days and after a while he overtook us and started talking on the way with a mountain brother. At one point he was completely separated from us. In such a state of panic, the friend of that path guessed him and brought him near the tent of Tali where he met one of our group. How can I thank this unknown friend, there is no language. Find friends, brothers, grandfathers, sisters! Is he once? Repeatedly. There is no end to the amount of love that comes unintentionally while walking down the Himalayan path. Not only in the pull of nature, but also in the pull of people. A few days ago, many people carried a little something in their pockets and walked around in a dilapidated mountain setting. He would come down to the concrete forest with expectations. I will just say why the past, I hope they will come tomorrow, excluding the present.

All this, of course, we know later, for a while in the middle of the very anxious jungle running almost on the way. When I finally reached Tali’s tired body in the camp and resolved the miscarriage, I saw that all the arrangements for the rest of the day were ready. Tea, coffee, soup, pina are all prepared with hot food, sub! After eating at eight o’clock in the night, a fire broke out in front of the tent and the whole family sat in a circle. Then we are urban in Kolkata and where are the hills? The clock is ticking at eleven o’clock at night. With a twinkle in my eye, I didn’t even know them a few days ago, I didn’t even know so much love !!
Our morning in Tali is not too late, today is the last walk in this journey. After getting healthy and getting ready, we start walking after seeing the small beautiful Talta nearby. At first, we climbed a lot and broke the mountain. Today, with a contented mind, glistening in the bright sunlight, everything is crystal clear, from here to the north-west, a vast desert covered with yellow tall grass, which is completely covered with snow in winter, the yellow grass land that made our walk this autumn is called Garson or Adure. Gandasu Bugial, just south of here is the evergreen Nanda Devi (25,644 ft.), Nanda Devi East (24,390 ft.) And many more! I bow to that goddess again. There was a little trouble yesterday, I did not see so far! He listened, he listened to my mind, so today he filled us with hours of shining.
Enara stayed with us for a distance of five km from Gandsu to Auli. There are many more, the companion is Dunagiri Nandakot, Betarthali, Trishul, Nandaghunti and many other small and big peaks (although nothing came of it on the poor camera). In this way I realized the ultimate achievement of life!
Satisfied on the way down, we proceeded towards Auli. Not much rest anymore, after a little watering on the way, we stopped and reached the view point of Auli, which is 14 km away from Yoshimath. After playing in the open wilderness of nature for a few days, we formed a small circle and today we went back to Chamoli, 70-82 km away from Yoshimath. The hill relatives shook hands again and went back to their homes! Come again grandma, a lot of words will be stored in the mind!

We returned to Chamoli before evening, staying for a few days with the priceless feeling of each of their moments.
I started the journey with a legendary Himalayan lover and will end again with a famous mountaineer. Back in Chamoli, I was fortunate enough to meet the famous Himalayan mountaineer Chhodda (the late Srividyut Sarkar). He was very happy to hear our travelogue, he told many stories. Not only nature, sitting next to these grandfathers to learn something, their much needed advice, reassurance, courage, if we could not travel in the path of a friend? I bow to my grandfather. Seeing our satisfaction, he said, “You’ve done very well on this route. Because after the destruction of Gonatal, most of the journey to the Quarry Pass is from Yoshimath, which makes the people of this region get less work than a porter’s guide. And the beauty of this route is elusive. Most people have it. Another thing – you can’t see what you see in the Himalayas today or tomorrow. Every day looks new, every moment feels different. ” Learn, learn more, there is no end to learning !!

We can understand how true this is in the case of the Himalayas because this rhythm disappears soon after Chhoddar Gonatal Darshan (1960), as our ever-familiar quicksand rhythm disappears forever in 2013. In this context, I would like to say – after turning the Quarry Pass, from Chamoli to Kedarnath, the next day we set foot on the quicksand, but for a special reason we were forced to return without seeing him from almost in front of us, which remained elusive to us forever.

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