Rishop In Monsoon and Rishop Tour Guide

This story began many days ago. Then we didn’t have to wear masks, we didn’t have to maintain social distance. As soon as the summer holidays came, I would pack my bags and go out by train to the mountains.

This year we visited Dello, Morgan House in Kalimpong with my two daughters. The eldest daughter is 4 years old and the youngest daughter is only 6 months old. When I reached Kalimpong, I saw that my two daughters were healthy and I had the courage to go a little higher.

I rented a car and went out.
It was raining in the mountains then. The trees on the road are green. The game of clouds in the sky. We were at Naora Valley Resort. Clouds all around. Suddenly the sky became clear and I realized that there are green high hills all around. As soon as it was evening, the cold froze. Sitting on the balcony of the house, I was chatting and watching the unnamed hill in the distance. Risop was silent then.

There is no word for themselves. Feeling united with nature makes this recipe possible. Leaving the sleeping girls at home the next morning, I set out alone to trek to Tiffindara, leaving the quiet Risp behind and heading for the forest. The path covered with fog. A narrow road with loose algae among the many years old trees. Occasionally collapses. Unknown unfamiliar trees and many more. I also saw the leafy tree. After a while I reached Tiffindara. Kanchan Dar can be seen from this place in 360-degree view in November. I, however, had to be content to touch the top of a tall pine tree and the clouds across the horizon.

After breakfast I went downstairs and went downstairs. This road leads directly to Lava. Rocky path. Touches of nature all around. Dense pine forest. There is no tourist except us in the off season.

In the evening I saw that the drinking water brought with us was over. Couldn’t give more water than the hotel. I went out with a torch light.

I went down a slope and got water. The shopkeeper and his wife are both blind. But I was surprised that water of 20 rupees cost 20 rupees. We are accustomed to go to Digha or Puri and buy things with 5-10 rupees more than the price. It was good. How happy people can be without greed.
It’s been 3 years today, if any of you know how everyone is at Risop, let me know.

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