Psychological ED – Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Psychological ED - Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Among all the forms of sexual dysfunction disorders, psychological impotence is the most common one. Nowadays, in most patients, sexual dysfunction results due to combined effects of psychological and physical issues. Therefore, for a perfect diagnosis, psychological aspects have to be taken into account for the cause of ED. Since the psychological issues are not easily diagnosed, the main problem can be misdiagnosed for physical impotence. There are clear and discrete dissimilarities between physical and psychological impotence. But before jumping into the differentiation of these two, it is advisable to have a clear understanding of the issue by having a healthy discussion with your health expert.  

Erectile dysfunction, otherwise called impotence, is a condition where a man gets a not exactly anticipated firm erection which results in an unsatisfied sexual closeness. It is a major challenge faced by men, regardless of their age – young, middle-aged, or even old. This problem affects about 53.4 % of the total adult population and still a larger number of people are scared to discuss their issues with any medical professional. And it is quite possible to have psychological issues that can lead to ED and therefore knowing about its causes and its proper diagnosis is important. 

Causes of Psychological ED

  1. Stress and Depression

A perfect and firm erection involves a complete body. Hormonal levels, muscles, blood flow, nervous system, and emotional status, all of these things somehow control the erection. So, if any of these systems get a breakdown, then it can cause ED. Stress and Depression can hinder the neural signals for the physical stimulus to trigger a firm erection. In cases like these, generic suhagra 100 mg tablets which contain Sildenafil Citrate are very helpful as they improve blood flow throughout the body.

  1. Performance anxiety

Lasting for not a long time is a major issue among couples. Having one or two such experiences can lead to anxiety and nervousness. Once you get conscious of being able to perform sexually well, it can cause a self-fulfilling prophecy. Worrying about your body shape, poor erection, low self-esteem, premature ejaculation, and poor foreplay adds to your anxiety levels. 

  1. Relationship issues

Maintaining a healthy relationship for a long time is not that easy. It takes time, trust and truly knowing your partner for a satisfying relationship. Having troubles with your partner may affect your sex life. Troubles can be caused by a poor erection that can affect many different aspects of your life including satisfying sexual intercourse. Communicating with your partner at this time may resolve the problem. 

  1. Substance abuse

Alcohol, drugs, marijuana, and cocaine not only decrease one’s ability to focus and think but also lead to facing difficulties in having an erection. Not only may it temporarily cause difficulty with erections, but studies have shown it leading to low testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is a major hormone that is responsible for a firm erection.

  1. Addiction to Pornography 

Addition to pornography leads to higher stimulus every single time when there is a need for an erection. Spending a greater amount of time watching porn creates unrealistic expectations which when not fulfilled at the time of action can cause psychological distress. It also leads to issues in a relationship. 

How to diagnose psychological ED?

Your doctor may ask you some questions and based on that, will run some tests to confirm the possibility of psychological ED. Some medical causes like hypertension, high cholesterol, CAD, and other things may also cause ED that should be ruled out before jumping to any conclusion. These medical conditions hinder blood flow to the penis which can be treated by PDE 5 inhibitors such as Aurogra 100 mg

Physical examination may include observing the genital area and digital rectal examination to check any abnormalities in the sexual glands. Urine tests, blood glucose levels, and checking for testosterone levels can also confirm chances of ED. Monitoring night-time erections (snap gauge test) may help determine the causes of ED which can be psychological.  

How can psychological ED be treated? 

Though psychological causes of ED seem a bit complex, they are still treatable. Oral ED medicines like Edegra 100 mg are helpful in the treatment as they help in the dilation of blood vessels for smooth blood flow. Although these pills for ED are not directly helpful in psychological causes, they can somewhat help with issues of anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a common mode of treatment. This can help you with identifying the causes and improving your emotional and mental state that may be causing your erectile difficulties. If you get to know yourself, you can change your thoughts positively to help with your situation. 

Rhythmic breathing for a while, meditation for about 10-15 minutes daily, and guided imagery techniques can help calm your mind and can improve your self-esteem. The best way is to discuss the issues with your partner and make him/her know about the things you are facing. Being honest with your partner and going for psychosexual therapy together can help with lowering stress levels and can improve your sex life positively. 

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