New York, New Jersey, DC, Philadelphia and Niagara Trip

I visited New York, New Jersey, DC, Philadelphia and Niagara …..
The story of Niagara today ….. Get to Niagara by car or plane first ….
I got off the plane at Buffalo International Airport, then drove to the hotel …. from the airport to the bus, completely free of charge …. I got back on the bus so it’s time to return to the story.

Leaving the airport, I reached the hotel through the car window to see the foreign country and talk to the driver …. I saw the drivers of this country have a lot of desire to know and inform …
I didn’t book the hotel in advance, I kept looking at 3/4 of my choice …. he told the driver which one would be better …..

We arrived on Sunday so we were able to negotiate at a star-studded hotel …. The guy with me got quite angry, but saved a few dollars …. I knew while doing my homework you can always ask for a deal it goes abroad …. .
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either ….

There are many more things to do in Niagara than just waterfalls …. the whole thing can be done on foot and for free🧐 …. just read it for free, this pass (again and homework) is available at the hotel where you will stay …..
Walking from the hotel to Niagara Falls, I left fresh …. Today I just licked Niagara …. And there were American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls … these two and the same claimant….

Egg roll in the evening in Niagara, yes, and so good to eat that night …. America on one side of the Niagara River and Canada on the other, people from these two countries cross the river bridge to work on the other side, they have permission to show the day It is possible to get in on time ….. and Canada means a lot of Punjabi, so comfortable home cooking in Niagara 🤦 ….
In this context, one thing is to eat buffet everywhere, which is not at all profitable for people like me, but loss … but by weight food is available here ….. again and homework and …. Pick up the food of your choice in a container and weigh it and pay the price: …. food for more food for both of you ….

Now the second day ….
I got up in the morning, had coffee and walked for a while …. I went back to the hotel and had a fresh breakfast …. I like breakfast but I like the buffet …. how much is there some …. I had a good breakfast, one dollar and There is no cost …. I will go around all day today ….
Before leaving the hotel, you need to take a bus pass …. The shuttle bus travels all over Niagara Falls, you can get off at any place you want and you can get on another bus (hop on hop off) on the same pass .. This bus travels from morning to evening ….

Niagara of the day, launch inside the belly of the Falls, under the Bridal Veil, next to the American Falls, the bridge to Canada, Three Sister Island and some shopping ….
Flowing from the American side, the Niagara River overflows from Threister Island …. this place is unknown to many …. just free in the belly of the oyster💕 ….
This is the third day …..

I went out for breakfast,
Today I will take a bus again and go around some places along the Niagara Gorge …. This bus and the same free shuttle bus as the previous day is it from Niagara Village? Go through the fort in one or two places …
I came back today, I have to go to the airport, I will come back today ….

When checking out at the hotel again I asked for a complimentary pass (homework) 😄 …. leaving the bus from Niagara to the city at certain times of the day, this pass will take us to the city bus stand free of charge …. from there the airport shuttle bus runs , It doesn’t cost money either ….

What do you mean … 6
This time cherry on the cake my plane fare and lageni ….. Otao FREE …. 6

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