How to smell good all the time?

 Are you one of them who is tired of the bad body odor all the time? Well, everyone wants to smell good all the time. But the idea of smelling good all the time varies from one person to another. As some might eventually think that they want to smell always super pleasant sweet like vanilla all the time. Whereas, some people simply want to get rid of bad odor from their body.

Well, let me tell you one thing. Smelling good all the time doesn’t come with the regular usage of high-end perfumes. This includes some serious daily regimes which you need to add to your routine. This will help you in painting your sweet body smell all the time. Therefore, in this post, we will guide you with excellent ways with the help of which you can maintain your pleasant body fragrance all the time. Not only this, these are super simple to execute. You just have to maintain consistency for long-lasting results.

So, let’s get started and discover the best ways to smell good all the time!

Best ways to smell good all the time

Here mentioned are the best ways to smell good all the time. Make sure to stick with these ways to achieve the best and long-lasting results. For faster results, you can also use the combination of the two methods.


This is one f the best method to enhance your body’s fragrance. As you are worried about your body odor it seems that it’s been a long time you haven’t worked on it. Therefore, this is a great way to start with. For this, you need any type of essential oil like tea tree oil, rosehip oil, lavender oil, or any other flower or fragrance-based oil. Now, when you are going to take bath make sure to add three to four drops of any oil in your water. Now, you can take bath with this. This will help to maintain the beautiful natural aroma of your body. Not only this, the essential oils have various other benefits that help in making your skin soft, and healthy too.


 This is the easiest way to have a good body fragrance. For this, all you need to do is select the right perfume which you like. Now, we all apply perfumes on daily basis. Then why doesn’t it lasts longer? Well, the trick is to identify the pulse points and apply the cologne to the points directly. Applications of the cologne on the pulse point would help in the mixing of scent directly with your body. Also, as your body heats up the scent will start releasing. Also, simply avoid the urge to rub your hands.


The roll-on version is a great way to place the scent exactly where you want. With this, you also avoid the over spraying of the perfume. This also helps in the long-lasting essence of your body. These perfumes are also far better and affordable than perfume bottles. Make sure to consider the points like your wrists, neck, behind the ears, and on the collar bone for the deeper impact of the perfume. Also, you can spray some perfume on your hairbrush. Spraying perfume directly on your hair is harmful. Therefore, with this method, you can easily make your hair also smell good all the time.


These days a good variety of lotions and creams are available in the market. You can get a good quality moisturizer that is scented at a great level. You can make the body fragrance last longer by applying these directly to your skin. This way the essence will get deeply absorbed by your skin and can be maintained for a longer period. These lotions will also moisturize your skin deep within the core making it smell pleasant all the time.


Yes, dear readers, diet is the key. You are actually what you eat. Eating food and meals loaded with onion garlic and spices might be good for taste and organism human body but not for providing good dour. Arther, eating loads of these foods will impact the essence of your body for more than up to 48 hours. This will provide you with bad breath too. Well, the key is to have more fruits and fresh vegetables that make you smell and feel fresh all the time. 

So, with these amazing tips which are not that difficult to add to your daily routine, you can easily smell good and sweet all the time. Also, make sure to be consistent with these tips for better results. Also, ensure to choose the right perfume for your body type.

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