How to prevent ingrown hair on stretch mark?

ingrown hair on stretch mark

Is your skin feeling quite bumpy, rough, and textured due to the presence of ingrown hair on stretch mark? Well, not anymore. We have got you amazing natural skin solutions that will help you prevent these ingrown hairs naturally. Also, make sure to stay with us till the end as we are also going to discover some very effective remedies to get rid of stretch marks as well. Many people mistake stretch marks as a sign of aging, whereas they are not. Rather, these can happen to anyone and at any certain age.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started and discover the best ways to prevent ingrown hair on stretch marks and get rid of them as well.

How to prevent ingrown hair on stretch mark


Here is a simple remedy that you can use to get rid of ingrown hairs. To execute this, all you need to do is to grate a handful of ice cubes and wrap them up in a clean cloth. Generally, this process should always be carried out right after the waxing of your skin. Now, apply the cloth filled with ice cubes to the waxed area. This process will eventually help in closing the pores and stop the growth of such hairs. This is a very effective method when executed right after the process of waxing.


For this method, you need a fresh and clean towel and a bowl of warm water. Dip the clean towel in the warm water wring it out and apply it again to the waxed area. 

By doing this process you will eventually provide the heat and space to the ingrown hair so that they can come up closer to the skin surface. In this way, they can be easily spotted. You can repeat this process several times a day for the best results.


Many people have the dilemma that exfoliating the skin makes their skin dry and rough. Well, that’s because you have been making the wrong recipes for skin exfoliation. For this recipe, you need to mix the ground almonds with a cup of fresh curd. Mix up the ingredients and apply to the waxed area. This will help in cleaning the dead cells of your skin and help you in achieving glowing skin at the same time.


This recipe will work wonders for you, as with this you will not only be able to get rid of dead skin cells and ingrown hairs you can also get rid of stretch marks as well. For this simple remedy, you need to take half a cup of white sugar in a bowl, add 3-4 tbsps of the sunflower oil, and 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel. With this method, you are exfoliating, massaging, and also moisturizing your skin at the same time. This tends to be very effective and gives you the best results with regular execution.


What? You never thought that oats can work great for your skin, isn’t it? Well, the truth is oats have millions of benefits when used for skin. For this method you need a cup of ground oats, mix them with a cup of curd, honey, and egg white. Now, the additional benefit of this remedy is that it helps you in achieving a lighter skin tone. This will help in cleansing your skin by making it soft and fully at the same time. A must-try and recommended remedy to get rid of ingrown hairs and stretch marks.


Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin c and hence they are fully loaded with a huge amount of antioxidants. For this recipe, you need to take some orange peels, and lemon feels and grind them all together. Now, add on some ground oats and almonds and mix the mixture with a decent amount of rose water. With this, you can achieve the right consistency for your recipe. Gently start applying it on your entire body or simply on the waxed area where you can feel you have ingrown hair growth and stretch marks. Once done, wash off the mixture after 15-20 minutes right after it gets dried.


These are the 6 best remedies that will help you get rid of ingrown hair on stretch mark. But you also need to make sure that ingrown hairs are something that tends to come back again and again, and for that, you need to keep continuing with this home remedy treatment for the best results. Also, always make sure to moisturize your skin after you are done with the exfoliation process, as this will tend to open up the pores of your skin, which might lead to the accumulation of dirt or excess production of oil.

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