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How Navata SCS’s end-to-end supply chain solutions helped agriculture equipment firm.

India is a global agricultural powerhouse. It is the world’s largest producer of milk, pulses, and spices, and has the world’s largest cattle herd , as well as the largest area under wheat, rice and cotton. A well-known agricultural equipment firm needed to expand into a new region. Their product needed to reach the remotest rural locations.

They were evaluating the optimal location for warehouses to optimize service and cost.

They approached Navata SCS for warehouse and transportation services in order to reach rural India, and they requested a fortnightly evaluation.

They needed someone to handle their logistics and supply chain operations so they could focus only on what’s most important – growth.

It was a test project with Navata SCS to evaluate if the new strategy was viable.

At NAVATA SCS, we used data analytics combined with grassroots level experience to recommend optimal location and distribution patterns.

They began on a small scale with the intention of expanding as the project progressed.

They were able to get more space during peak season and less space during off season thanks to Navata SCS’sFlexi 3PL facility.

The firm was able to grow and choose Navata SCS as their long term logistics partner. thanks to Navata SCS’s end-to-end supply chain solution, which was coupled with Navata SCS’s cloud-based WMS and deep presence in rural India

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