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The first coupon code site in the UAE, VoucherCodesUAE was born to serve every household in the region. In 2010, when only 42 per cent of the population had attempted online shopping, VoucherCodesUAE established itself as the first and the go-to coupon site, only next to the rising e-commerce sites.

In the decade of its operations, VoucherCodesUAE became the number one coupon codes site in the country featuring over 5000 online brands.

When the world was hit by COVID-19, 73 per cent of the UAE consumers moved to online shopping, reports MasterCard. At that time, VoucherCodesUAE witnessed a shift of online shopping trend; from flight coupons being the most used, to groceries being the most online purchased item. As a leading promo code site, VoucherCodesUAE has lived and helped people in the most testing of times and it continues to do so.

The Origin of VoucherCodesUAE

Founded by Rahman Hussain, an Emarati businessman, VoucherCodesUAE was actually conceived in the United Kingdom. His 3-year-old daughter wanted to visit a Lego Park, but the baffling price made him turn away from the gate. Later he came across the same attraction online and when booking the ticket with a voucher code, he observed a staggering difference in price. Without any hesitation, he immediately purchased the ticket, went to Legoland, and had a great time with his daughter, while playing with the idea of establishing the same in the United Arab Emirates.

The Purpose

Just like our CEO managed to get a discount, enjoy the Lego Park, and relish memories, in the same way, our purpose is to make your favorite stores affordable and accessible to you. Your wishlisted items can move to your cart with us. VoucherCodesUAE has helped over a million customers save money and time when shopping online. We help you find a code that works instantly which in turn immediately helps save money and time. It is often believed that online prices are better, but we ensure it’s always the best price.

The Products

VoucherCodesUAE is a website featuring over 5000 online stores and discount codes in one click. Easy to navigate, the website is synonymously opened next to the favorite e-commerce site of the user. From H&M Promo Code, Noon Discount Code, Namshi Discount Code to Amazon Promo Code etc, VoucherCodesUAE witnessed the surge and trends of online shoppers. You can find all online retailers there.

VoucherCodesUAE app is available only on iOS for now. It features the same brands, most suited for users who shop on apps.

CouponBot is a Google Chrome extension available on the webstore. This extension automatically finds you the best working coupon when opening any e-commerce site on desktop/laptop. CouponBot saves the hassle of finding and testing codes, because it is automatic.

The Perks

Earn and save: Saving money when shopping is definitely one of the main perks of VoucherCodesUAE, some brands on the website also help you earn extra cashback. By using the codes, you are not just saving the money, but also earning cashback rewards.

Foolproof: We also don’t want you to waste your time looking for the right coupon code, so we have straight to the point codes that can be revealed and used in one click. We do not fool anyone by repeating the same codes or trying to show something that renders no value.

Focused on codes that work: We have more codes over deals and offers. Saving money is what you want to do when you come to our site, and that is what we are focused on. We do not want to mislead you with clicks that serve no purpose.

Budget guides and market insights: We also have a team of writers and online marketing researchers who help you with budget guides such as the best smartphones, air conditioners, treadmill, anything you want from the market. We curate trending industry news, fashion guides, and help you make smart decisions.

Improved experience: We listen to your feedback. If you are unable to find the discount code that works, you can message our live chat assistant (who is 100 percent real on the backend.) Our top-notch client servicing team will immediately resolve issues, consider feedback, and work towards giving you the best online shopping experience.

The Challenges

As of today, VoucherCodesUAE is no longer the only coupon site in the industry, but still bears the baton of being the first. As the coupon codes industry has grown almost equally to e-commerce sites, we are always in tight competition to give you the most enticing and best coupon codes. Over the years, we have made our website simpler, our app available, and we ourselves are reachable through live chat and emails. We face challenges daily, but we know that we will always be number one in the service we deliver.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make VoucherCodesUAE the most trusted discount site, featuring every single brand, accommodating every facility, and hosting exclusive vouchers. We are a digital platform promising a better and a happier tomorrow. How are we going to do that, you ask? Like we have always done. Celebrating our success for over a decade, our most valued priority has always been our customers. Customer experience is never compromised, and feedback is always appreciated. We shall continue to listen to you, and make strides to better your experience with us, one voucher code at a time.

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