7 Tips to Make Your Cannabis Product More Popular Using Custom Boxes

7 Tips to Make Your Cannabis Product More Popular Using Custom Boxes
7 Tips to Make Your Cannabis Product More Popular Using Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are the new trend in the cannabis packaging industry. The emergence of custom packaging has been a growing trend for businesses, as it is more cost-effective and provides more benefits than traditional cardboard boxes. Some benefits include increased product visibility, protection from harmful UV rays, and an improved appearance to your customers.

Custom pre roll packaging boxes have been increasingly popular in the cannabis industry. One of the reasons is that it makes your product more unique and appealing to consumers. The first tip is to make sure that you’re looking at all aspects of your business, not just what’s happening with marketing or advertising strategies. Do you want to know how? Keep reading! This blog post will discuss 7 tips to make your cannabis product more popular using custom boxes!

The use of cannabis is becoming more and more popular, with the legalization of marijuana in many places. The pre-rolled cigarette industry has also seen a significant upswing as it offers convenience to those looking for quick smoke breaks.

One problem that these new businesses are faced with is that customers might think they’re selling low-quality products or cigarettes from their store because most people only recognize brands like Marlboro’s when they see them on display at gas stations and grocery stores instead of smaller companies who specialize exclusively in rolling tobacco papers such as Zig Zag. You should take advantage of improving your marketing efforts so you can clear this misconception once and for all!

How can you improve your pre roll sales by custom pre roll packaging?

Some people believe that they can’t make a pre-roll package without customizing it, but in reality, you have many types of options. Some suggestions are using stickers and labels for your branding, including more information about the product on the packaging such as ingredients or THC levels if applicable to certain states with legalized marijuana use, adding small samples like vape pens which serve two purposes: 1) It’s advertising 2) You get freebies! Etc.

You may feel apprehensive at first when considering all these things you could do to create an appealing package for yourself; however, there is no need to worry because we’re here every step of the way helping design a beautiful new look from scratch or modifying what already exists.


Hipsters have been known to be obsessed with the aesthetics of smoking. However, this obsession goes beyond just cool branding and labels; it extends into making sure that their tobacco is as well-packaged as possible. Packaging can even dictate how they feel about a particular brand or product – for example, someone who prefers pre-rolls will choose an interesting yet subtle packaging scheme over one which is bright and eye-catching but does not offer any information on what’s inside (a cigarette company).


When it comes to designing a pre-roll box, one of the most important things you should keep in mind is that your product information needs are not only limited to what kind of tobacco or herb they’re using and how much. You also need to include on there the number of grams present in just ONE roll! It’s this simple bit of information that helps customers manage their daily intake and find out if it’s worth buying our products over theirs (if ours doesn’t have all three, ugh).

Custom boxes are a great way to show off your product without the hassle of designing and printing them yourself. They’re also a convenient way to store pre-rolls or whacky new ideas you may not have time for but want to keep on hand.


Packing pre-rolls in the correct size box has become an art. If you pack them too tight, then they will be crushed before purchase, but if it is too large, what’s the point of paying for more space than necessary? The right design and sizing are essential to make sure that your product can fit snugly while protecting its quality until purchased.


Custom boxes can be expensive, but once you start adding more customizations, the price will go up. The cheapest option would be to order plain cardboard boxes with no print for your pre-rolls; this is going to cost around $0.80 each, including shipping and tax when ordering in bulk from wholesalers like Uline or Storopack USA. If you want something that’s slightly more personalized, then it may seem pricey at first glance but take into consideration how much time and money went into designing these items, not just printing them out on flimsy paper sheets!


Many people are unaware that the material of which custom packaging is typically made up consists mostly of Kraft. And this eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable product can be used to help sell a cause while marketing your goods in an interesting way. You might not even know it, but when you’re promoting a pre roll brand with these items, you will also be supporting many good causes at once! This means that choosing non-biodegrade packaged products isn’t worth it because eventually, those packages will make their way back into the environment anyway.


There are a number of benefits to using custom packaging for businesses. The hidden cost is that it will make your product more recognizable and attractive, which can lead you to increase sales figures!

The first thing people think about when running their own business is how they’re going to present themselves in the marketplace. For some entrepreneurs, this means investing heavily into marketing strategies or finding ways outside of traditional branding methods such as creating customized packages with premium quality materials like metal foil stamping on cardboard boxes, shrink wrapping plastic tubes around pre-rolls, etc., but there’s actually no need because we offer high end yet reasonably priced promotional packaging.


Your customers are not the only ones who will be able to appreciate your hard work and dedication. You’ll also be rewarded with a loyal customer base that trusts you implicitly every time they see any of your products displayed in stores or online!


As you can see, there are many ways to make your product more popular. One way is by custom pre-roll packaging. At the end of the day, when it comes down to making a decision on what type of packaging to use for your products, consider how much time and funds you have available as well as what will look best in-store or online.

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