Breakfast La Mer : 4 Quality Spots for Breakfast!

Breakfast La Mer

Nothing can beat the experience of eating breakfast at la mer in a waterfront setting without emptying a wallet in the world’s most developed city. The best thing is that you visit it for an ideal la mer breakfast, and it is the common practice of foreign tourists in Dubai, so gear up to have a delicious breakfast la mer that will be fulfilling.

Breakfast at La Mer Dubai

Indeed, La Mer breakfast is the best beachfront attraction in Dubai where you do not only hang around; in fact, you also get a chance to have a quality breakfast la mer. You should make sure that you never forget to visit this specific place during your trip, otherwise you will end up with an incomplete trip of Dubai. Never trust a myth that dining out is very expensive because you will find a wide range of restaurants offering food according to your taste and budget.

Keep in mind that the Expo 2020 Dubai has just started and it opened up the opportunity for restaurants to enhance their sales by bringing dozens of offers and deals for tourists and delegations, coming to attend this event. 

Missing it out is also not an option for you, so get ready to experience the happenings in this world’s greatest event with Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets.

You should make sure that you read this blog till the end in order to find some unbeatable spots of eating quality breakfast in La Mer Dubai.


Let’s kick off with this famous spot in La Mer where dozens of tourists and natives go daily for a high-quality breakfast. Yes, it is very budget-friendly, so never forget to try its delicious breakfast and improve your taste buds.

While visiting this ideal place, you come across the delicacies of Lebanon and Turkey, so get ready to enjoy the most memorable breakfast of your life there.

Its chefs are highly experienced to serve a breakfast that is not only healthy, in fact, the tastiest one. Every time, you visit it, you find it crowded, manifesting its popularity in the city.

‘This Turkish restaurant has taken the lead when it comes to best dining options for breakfast in La Mer Dubai. You must try its well-cooked omelettes as well as Turkish bagels along with the platter of Sini breakfast.

With enjoying the breakfast, there is another important thing that you should accomplish during your trip and it is to visit the exhibition called Expo 2020 Dubai where you find various informative workshops as well as cultural events.

In order to enjoy all that without spending enough money, you should get Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets and turn your trip into the memorable one.


It has also marked its unbeatable existence among the leading players to offer healthiest and delicious breakfast in Dubai. You should also add it in your list for enjoying perfect breakfast.

By its name, you can judge that it offers Turkish cuisine and it is very popular among the masses in Dubai and above all, it is very reasonable dining option.

Its beachfront setting makes eating breakfast more ideal and the memorable one for everyone. Now, giving it a try is must for you in order to develop your taste for this particular country’s food.

It has the diversified menu, revealing lots of eating options for you to end up with a high-quality and tasty breakfast.

You should not forget to try halloumi cheese, labneh and none other than soudjouk in order to make the most out of breakfast at this place.


It is also the trustworthy name when it comes to breakfasts in La Mer. This budget-friendly restaurant is not only popular among tourists, in fact, a large number of locals also visit it daily with their families.

It is also the great option for people who are fond of eating Turkish cuisines particularly in breakfasts. There is no second opinion that the Turkish community in Dubai prefers it for a great breakfast, so you should also gear up to enjoy its unmatched dishes.

While checking out its ideal breakfast platter, you should never forget to try kavurma, consisting of egg. It makes your breakfast, the best meal of a day; thus, you stay highly energetic and active to visit different attractions in the city throughout the day.


This famous tea spot is the well-known place for eating breakfast, so you can also consider it. As it never compromises on quality; hence, it also exists among the top names for breakfast in La Mer.

You can also judge its popularity by seeing its other branches in Dubai and you should try its signature teas that are very famous among its customers.

Indeed, in order to enjoy the healthiest delights in the city particularly in breakfast, you should visit this place and feel free to try its specialities because it falls under your budget.

It is true that its café in La Mer competes with other names in Dubai and stands apart because of quality services and food; thus tourists like to visit it.

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